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Wilsons The Family Lawyers offers the full suite of services in Family Law matters.


We deliver certainty.

Wilsons, The Family Lawyers founded in 2019 by Reagan Wilson, this boutique Family Law service is a leader in providing clients with the clarity and certainty needed at what can be one of the most difficult times for families. We are recognised by Doyles Guide as a First Tier Family Law Firm within the Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Western Queensland regions. Benefit from a tailored style - every case is different.

Reagan and his team take the time to fully understand your individual circumstances to achieve the most optimum outcome for you given any set of circumstances. With communication a key tenement of Wilsons, The Family Lawyers' unique approach to family law, you will be aware and fully informed every step of the journey from your initial consult through to the resolution of your matter.

Guiding your pathway to confidently move forward.


Our Practice Areas

Court Representation

We often represent our clients in Court.  That is normally as a result of the parties not being

Collaborative Law

The practice of collaborative law is a process where we engage with other colleagues in terms of solicitors,

Mediation and Arbitration

In addition to providing Court representation, a significant part of our practice is seeking to resolve your matter

Surrogacy and Adoption

As part of our family law parenting practice, we also provide advice to clients who are exploring options

Advising Third Parties & Grandparents

Part of our family law practice is also providing experiential advice to third parties, including grandparents and other

Second Opinions

Regularly we have the opportunity to advise clients who are seeking a second opinion in relation to their

Separation and Divorce

With separation and divorce, there are a number of time frames that need to be considered. In Australia,

Spousal Maintenance

As part of our advice to clients with respect to their financial settlement, we often discuss with them

Child Support

We provide advice to clients regarding parenting arrangements for their children. Often, that involves either negotiation or proceeding

Domestic & Family Violence

Domestic & family violence is indeed a scourge on our society. As part of our practice, we act

De Facto & Same-Sex Relationships

Family law in Australia encompasses all relationships whether it be de facto couples, married couples, or those in

Prenuptial & Financial Agreements

A common enquiry we have in family law is if a Prenuptial Agreement or a Financial Agreement is

Financial Settlement

Financial Agreements can be entered into by parties at any stage during their relationship in the hopes of

Relocation Matters

Part of the work we do in parenting cases can also involve parents that are seeking to relocate

Parenting Arrangements

Parenting arrangements must be agreed upon by relevant parties and are made binding by the court. This can

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