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Spousal Maintenance

As part of our advice to clients with respect to their financial settlement, we often discuss with them the issue of spousal maintenance.  Spousal maintenance is different from child support.  It is a duty of one spouse to maintain another. 

Reaching Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements can be entered into by parties at any stage during their relationship.  It can be prior to living together, it can be whilst they are living together, or it can be after separation and applies to both de

Property Settlements

We act for clients in all aspects of their financial settlement and the resolution of their property matters.  That is, from the outset, sometimes even prior to separation to after separation as well.  We work closely with their financial advisors

Child Support

We provide advice to clients regarding parenting arrangements for their children.  Often, that involves either negotiations or proceeding through a family dispute resolution or mediation process.  As part of that work, it extends to formalising those arrangements which could be

Court Representation

We often represent our clients in Court.  That is normally as a result of the parties not being able to reach agreement through the dispute resolution pathway or, on occasions, there are urgent matters that needs the Court’s assistance.  We

Collaborative Law

The practice of collaborative law is a process where we engage with other colleagues in terms of solicitors, family law experts, but also with your financial advisor and your accountants to meet and resolve the  terms of your financial settlement

Mediation & Arbitration

In addition to providing Court representation, a significant part of our practice is seeking to resolve your matter through a dispute resolution process.  That can be done in a number of forums; by way of a round table conference, where

Domestic Violence & Family Violence

Domestic violence is indeed a scourge on our society.  As part of our practice, we act for Applicants or Aggrieved in applications that are filed in the state Court and also Respondents to those applications.  There is a significant overlap

Prenuptial & Financial Agreements

A common enquiry we have in family law are if a Prenuptial Agreement or a Financial Agreement are indeed binding.  The short answer is yes.  If they are properly drafted and the parties are advised appropriately, then a Prenuptial Agreement

Separation & Divorce

With separation and divorce there are a number of time frames that need to be considered.  In Australia you cannot apply for a divorce until you have been separated on a final basis for more than twelve months.  The majority